4Mi Interactive

Direct access to data from refugees and migrants

4Mi Interactive: regularly updated data on mixed migration

Updated quarterly, 4Mi Interactive features interviews with tens of thousands of people on the move, sharing their aspirations, experiences and decision-making on the journey. Users can filter the data by age, gender, location, origin, and date while exploring a full range of themes: interviewees’ profiles, drivers, destination intentions, protection issues, financing, interaction with smugglers, access to information, and needs for assistance.

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More on 4Mi in general can be found here, and more on how we collect our data can be found in our 4Mi FAQs.

4Mi Returns

The 4Mi Returns dashboard holds 2,046 surveys with recently returned Aghan refugees and migrants, interviewed in 2021. Data can be filtered by gender, age, country of return, date of interview, date of return and type of return, revealing differences in experiences, challenges during return and reintegration, as well as re-migration intentions. Given the crises facing Afghanistan at present, this is an important resource for understanding the struggles and needs of those who continue to be returned or deported.

Mixed migration during the Covid-19 crisis

Taking more than 20,000 interviews conducted with refugees and migrants by phone during 2020 and part of 2021, the Covid-19 dashboard shows the impacts on their lives and journeys, including access to services, mobility patterns, income-generating activities and relationship with host communities and authorities.

The Covid-19 dashboard is available in:

To learn more about 4Mi, read the full 4Mi introduction or access the 4Mi FAQ.