4Mi Interactive

a portal for exploration and visualisation of data on mixed migration

4Mi Interactive: regularly updated data on mixed migration

You can now find data from our core data collection among refugees and migrants traveling on mixed migration routes in English, French and Spanish. Updated quarterly, the new dashboard features thousands of interviews taking you through the journey of people on the move, their aspirations, experiences and decision-making. 4Mi Interactive allows you to filter the data by age, gender, location, origin, and date while exploring a full range of themes: profiles, drivers, intentions, protection issues, financing, smuggling, access to information, and needs for assistance.

4Mi Returns: Data direct from returning refugees and migrants

The 4Mi Returns dashboard kicks-off with a total of 2,046 surveys collected from 1st March to 31st July 2021 with recently returned refugees and migrants in Afghanistan. Data can be filtered by gender, age, country of return, date of interview, date of return and, importantly, type of return. The latter allows users to see, for example, important differences in experiences, challenges and re-migration intentions between those who were deported versus those who returned spontaneously or through an assisted voluntary return programme. Given the increasing political and economic uncertainty facing Afghanistan at present – historically, two of the largest drivers of migration for Afghans – it is crucial to keen focus on the struggles and needs of those who continue to be returned or deported. MMC aims to start implementing the 4Mi Returns survey among returnees in other relevant countries; once data comes in, this will be added to the 4Mi Returns dashboard.

Mixed migration during the Covid-19 crisis

MMC’s 4Mi monitors have been able to stay in touch with refugees and migrants throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Beginning April 2020, we have conducted more than 20,000 interviews by phone, to find out exactly how the crisis has affected refugees’ and migrants’ lives and journeys without putting anyone at risk. 

4Mi Interactive provides a new way of accessing the data: Are you interested in how income loss has affected respondents in a particular region? Or what the impacts of Covid-19 have been on particular nationalities? Were needs different earlier in the crisis than later? Or what are the differences in access to information or health services between gender and age group? 4Mi Interactive will allow you to look at all of this and more. 

New mixed migration data tool: 4Mi Interactive

4Mi Interactive means we can share what refugees and migrants are saying more directly, and you can find exactly the information you are looking for. 

On the main dashboard you can find data from our core data collection among refugees and migrants traveling on mixed migration routes. Updated quarterly, the dashboard features thousands of interviews taking you through the journeys of people on the move.

Our Covid-19 dashboard holds 9 months of data on refugee and migrants’ experience of the Covid-19 crisis. It features visuals from more than 20,000 interviews conducted remotely beginning in April 2020.

Our 4Mi Returns dashboard showcases data on the experiences of refugees and migrants before, during, and after their return to Afghanistan. It features a total of 2,046 surveys collected from 1st March to 31st July 2021.

You are welcome to use our data – but please always refer to MMC  when quoting our data.

Where 4Mi data comes from

4Mi places those on the move and what they say at the heart of our understanding of the mixed migration phenomenon.  

Our network of 4Mi monitors extends from Asia to Latin America, and operates in 17 countries. Each monitor conducts more than a dozen interviews every month, spending around half an hour each time, asking respondents about their journey.  

Overall, MMC has conducted over 75,000 interviews since 2014, and monitors are adding at least 1,000 new interviews each month.  

To learn more read the full 4Mi introduction or access the 4Mi FAQ.

MMC will continue to publish new thinking on mixed migration and expert analysis of 4Mi data. The addition of 4Mi Interactive means that you can also tailor the data to your specific needs.