Smuggling of Refugees (UNDOC event)

Vienna & Virtual

The UNODC Observatory on Smuggling of Migrants is currently collecting data and conducting analysis in Southeast Asia and Europe, covering various population groups, including Rohingya people from Myanmar, and Ukrainians, respectively. The data collected allows for an up-to-date, real-time understanding of the use of smugglers by people in a refugee situation, and the broader policy factors that determine the incidence of smuggling with refugees as the object of the crime.

The Observatory published a Research Brief presenting contextual information in relation to the displacement and vulnerabilities experienced by the Ukraine population following the war. In addition, UNODC is currently working in partnership with the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) to conduct research in European countries to further assess their current situation and risks of smuggling. In parallel, the Observatory is conducting research and analysis in Southeast Asia, also in partnership with MMC. The research focuses on Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, given their importance as origin, transit, and destination countries in the region for the smuggling of migrants.

This event will discuss the latest research findings from the UNODC Observatory on Smuggling Migrants, organized at the margin of the 32nd session Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ). MMC Europe will present findings from data collection with Ukrainians in Berlin, Bern and Warsaw.

Location: Vienna International Centre & Online (Meeting Link on Microsoft Teams)