Captive commodities: “This route is like a fire”

Commodification, exploitation and missingness of Ethiopian irregular migrants on the Eastern Route to Yemen and Saudi Arabia

This study focuses on the protection experiences of Ethiopian nationals, travelling east out of Ethiopia via irregular overland journeys towards Saudi Arabia for labour employment. This so-called Eastern Route has been the major mixed migration route for Ethiopian irregular labour emigration for well over a decade. A limited number of Ethiopians also apply for asylum with UNHCR in Yemen but the vast majority travel on north to the Yemen/Saudi border.

The research has been generously supported by the Mixed Migration Centre through financial assistance from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office. However, the information, views, and opinions expressed in this publication solely belong to the author and Ravenstone Consult and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Mixed Migration Centre or any of the other donors involved in the development of this report.


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