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Published by: MMC

Region: Eastern and Southern Africa, North Africa, West Africa

Supported by: Global Centre for Climate Mobility, Africa Climate Mobility Initiative, African Union, UNDP, The World Bank, IOM

Climate and mobility case studies

Perceptions, attitudes and decision-making

The 2020 Africa Migration Report highlighted the need for “a new paradigm on African migration” and raising awareness of the link between climate change and forced mobility. The synthesis report and the individual case studies presented here aim to contribute to these ambitions and provide knowledge to support the Africa Agenda 2063, the Sustainable Development Goals, the priorities outlined by the Secretary-General for the 2019 Climate Action Summit and the proposed activities linked to climate change and migration by the African Union as part of the three-year implementation plan of action for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in Africa.

The Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) undertook this research with the aim of identifying how climate-related factors affect aspirations and capabilities to migrate, and migration outcomes. Data collection took place in seven locations that were selected to cover a range of climate-related hazards across Africa, and various kinds of (im)mobilities. From July to September 2021, teams conducted research in Lagos, Nigeria; Cahama, Angola; Moroto, Uganda; Alexandria, Egypt; Chikwawa, Malawi; Beira, Mozambique; and Tatki, Senegal.

Download the Climate Mobility Synthesis Report Download Case Study 1: Nigeria Download Case Study 2: Egypt Download Case Study 3: Mozambique Download Case Study 4: Senegal Download Case Study 5: Uganda Download Case Study 6: Angola Download Case Study 7: Malawi

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