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Photo: Sven Torfinn/Panos

Improving knowledge, policy and programming on mixed migration (Swiss FDFA)

MMC Global has signed a new 2-year cooperation with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, which includes support for MMC’s overall global strategy and the development of the annual Mixed Migration Review. 


Making migration and migration policy decisions amidst societal transformations

Funded by the EU Horizon programme, MMC Europe will collect data on migrant decision making, as part of the PACES project, a research consortium led by the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University.

Italy, Niger

4Mi data collection along the Southern Route

MMC Eastern and Southern Africa | Egypt & Yemen piloted 4Mi data collection in multiple locations in South Africa in Q4 of 2022 to understand refugees' and migrants' experiences along the Southern Route. The data were analysed in early 2023 and will be published soon in a new study focusing on profiles, migration drivers, and protection risks of refugees and migrants travelling along the route.

South Africa