Research Report

Impact of Prolonged Immigration Detention

on Rohingya Families and Communities in Malaysia

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Photo: Danish Refugee Council, Bangladesh

Research Report

Dakar, portrait d’une ville de migration

un hub migratoire avec des défis et opportunités

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Photo: Sylvain Cherkaoui

New article

Mixed migration consequences

of Sudan’s conflict

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Photo: UNHCR/Colin Delfosse

Research Report


Mixed migration routes, experiences and risks along the journey to South Africa

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Photo: Graeme Williams/Panos Pictures

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Quarterly Mixed Migration Updates (Q1 2023)

The latest mixed migration trends and dynamics around the world

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MMC is a leading source for independent and high quality data, information, research and analysis on mixed migration. Through the provision of credible evidence and expertise, MMC aims to support agencies, policy makers and practitioners to make well-informed decisions, to positively impact global and regional migration policies, to contribute to protection and assistance responses for people on the move and to stimulate forward thinking in the sector responding to mixed migration.

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Improving knowledge on children and youth on the move in Honduras

Funded by UNICEF Honduras, MMC Latin America and the Caribbean will gather and analyse child-specific data on mixed migration trends and dynamics for 6 months, to provide in-depth evidence-based information on the conditions of children and young people on the move in Honduras.

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