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How do people on the move to North America use social media?

Overview of the information shared by migrant populations in public Facebook groups

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Saudi border killings continue

Indifference and impunity: 10 months on, Saudi border killings of migrants continue

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New UNODC/MMC report

Following the money

Understanding the economics of human smuggling in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

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Climate Change Impacts and Mobility in the Middle East

What do we know?

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New paper

Multiple and intersecting harms

Examining use of force in return and its detrimental impact on migrants’ human rights during and after return to Senegal

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About the Mixed Migration Centre

MMC is a leading source for independent and high quality data, information, research and analysis on mixed migration. Through the provision of credible evidence and expertise, MMC aims to support agencies, policy makers and practitioners to make well-informed decisions, to positively impact global and regional migration policies, to contribute to protection and assistance responses for people on the move and to stimulate forward thinking in the sector responding to mixed migration.

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Research with SOGIESC Migrants in Kenya to examine their Displacement Decision-Making and Protection Experiences

In 2024, MMC is collaborating with DRC Kenya on a DANIDA-funded project aimed at collecting evidence on the experiences of SOGIESC migrants in Kenya. The research focuses on the impact of recent anti-SOGIESC policy developments in Uganda, Kenya and the wider region on displacement decision-making, and intra- and cross-regional mixed migration.

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MMC in the media

D’une zone de conflit à l’autre

« Quand la guerre a commencé au Yémen, il y a en fait eu une hausse du nombre de personnes qui passaient par là, remarque Bram Frouws, directeur de l’organisme de collecte de données Mixed Migration Centre (MMC). Parfois la guerre, et, par extension, la rupture de l’autorité de la loi, permet à plus de gens de traverser un pays, comme l’attention est ailleurs. »

By La Presse
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