4Mi snapshot / infographic


Published by: MMC

Region: Eastern and Southern Africa

Supported by: UNHCR

Profiles and needs of caregivers and children on the move in Sudan

Sudan hosts over 1.1 million refugees and asylum seekers and over 500,000 migrants, many of whom are travelling and/or living with children under their care. This snapshot sheds light on the profiles of refugee and migrant caregivers in Sudan; the parental or other relationships and care arrangements with the children under their care; their level of access to, and needs for, assistance and services related to the children under their care; as well as their perception of the protection risks faced by children on the move.

This snapshot is produced as part of a research partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and focusing on children and youth on the move along the Central Mediterranean Route. An accompanying snapshot on Tunisia can be found at this link.


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