Urban Mixed Migration

Nairobi Case Study

This case study focuses on Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi which hosts a significant refugee and migrant population who choose to either settle permanently or transit through to other destinations in and out of the East Africa region.

This study sets out to fill a gap in knowledge of migration in Nairobi and contribute to a growing body of literature on mixed migration in urban areas. It does this by offering an overview of the current mixed migration dynamics in the city and the national migration policy framework and by examining mixed migration dynamics within the capital using three thematic lenses: 1) Nairobi as a city of opportunities 2) Nairobi as city of risks, and 3) Nairobi during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us on 4 March, 2–4 pm EAT for the launch & panel discussion on urban mixed migration in Nairobi.


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