Mixed Migration Review 2023

Regional issues through regional perspectives

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About the Mixed Migration Review 2023

Regional issues through regional perspectives

The vast majority of the world’s migration takes place within countries and within regions. Not between regions and certainly not from the majority world to the minority world, despite some common misconceptions. In line with this predominantly regional nature of mixed migration, the Mixed Migration Review 2023 (MMR 2023), while as always global in its coverage, offers a deliberately regional focus, zooming in on specific regional or, primarily, country contexts.

What are the prospects for a continent-wide freedom to move in Africa? What are the impacts of new immigration laws in the United States on regional movements? What are the current refugee reception and integration dynamics in South America? What is Bangladesh’s mixed migration landscape, both as a receiving and sending country? How is Lebanon’s crisis impacting the mixed migration situation of Syrian refugees and their onward movements? Can the Ukrainian refugee response be seen as a model for success, or does it reveal the failures of the international refugee regime? What is the example of the European Nordic countries, at the same time top UNHCR donors but increasingly unwelcoming towards asylum seekers at home, telling us about the future of international protection? As usual, the review also documents the best and worst behaviour by authorities in relation to mixed migration around the world, in the annual “Resisting and Normalising the Extreme” features.

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Virtual Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2023

The virtual launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2023 took place on 29 November, 14:00-15:30 CET, where we held a panel discussion on challenging Western-centric perspectives on mixed migration – a conversation between continents. Speakers included Sana Mustafa, Chief Executive Officer of Asylum Access, Gaia Vince, Journalist, Author and Broadcaster, Eromo Egbejule, Africa Editor of Al Jazeera, and Guerline Jozef, Founder and Executive Director of Haitian Bridge Alliance.

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The development of the MMR 2023 is made possible through the generous support of the following partners:

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