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hanging out with the wrong crowd?

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Russian refugees

How should Europe respond to Russians fleeing the military mobilisation?

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Security costs

How the EU's exclusionary migration policies place people on the move toward Italy and Greece at greater risk - a quantitative analysis

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About MMC’s work in Europe

MMC engages in data collection, research, analysis and policy development on mixed migration in Europe.  

Our primary objectives are to fill the knowledge gap on mixed migration in the region; to inform programming for refugees and migrants, particularly in the area of protection; and to inform policy-making around the rights and protection of people on the move. 

MMC’s flagship data collection project ‘4Mi’ was operating in Italy and Greece until early 2022, surveying refugees and migrants from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  

Mixed Migration in Europe

Mixed migration flows to Europe gained massive attention in 2015 when unprecedented numbers reached Greece and Italy. Since then, migration has remained high on the political and public agenda and several migration management initiatives have been put in place by the EU and national governments to combat migrant smuggling, reduce irregular migration and in some cases find legal pathways: The Joint Action Plan signed by the EU and Turkey and the following EU-Turkey Statement, consecutive border closures at the Balkan route and bilateral efforts by Italy to reduce crossings along the Central Mediterranean route.

While we have seen an overall reduction of numbers arriving to Europe since 2016 migrants and refugees continue to find ways to enter the region in search for protection and better living conditions. Issues remain: overcrowded EU hot spots in Greece and Italy, detention, collective expulsions, pushbacks, and human rights abuses.

Quarterly Mixed Migration Updates - Europe

A quarterly update on new trends and dynamics related to mixed migration and relevant policy developments in the region.

Quarterly Mixed Migration Update Europe, Q3, 2020

This Quarterly Mixed Migration Update (QMMU) covers Europe. The core countries of focus are Spain, Italy, Greece and countries along the Balkan migration route. Depending on the quarterly trends and migration related updates, more attention may be given to some countries over the rest. The QMMUs offer a quarterly update on new trends and dynamics...

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Donors and Partners

The 4Mi data collection in Italy and Greece is part of the project ‘Advancing Alternative Migration Governance’ (ADMIGOV) funded by the European Union – Horizon2020.

In Greece, MMC is partner with KMOP.

In Italy, MMC is partner with Oxfam.