Stories of climate mobility: understanding the impacts, informing effective response

Climate Mobility Pavilion, Blue Zone, Area B, Delegation Pavilion 1, Pavilion #P28, Sharm El-Sheikh International Convention Center (SHICC)

With the support of the Government of Germany and the Robert Bosch Foundation, and hosted by the Global Centre for Climate Mobility (GCCM), the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) will hold a panel discussion at COP27 on 15 November at the Climate Mobility Pavilion on “Stories of climate mobility: understanding the impacts, informing effective response”.

Through this event, MMC and partners aim to demonstrate the critical importance of evidence, of robust research and analysis, for responding effectively to the impacts of climate change on mobility. MMC will share key findings on how climate is impacting mobility, generated from the 4Mi data collection initiative in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and fieldwork for the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative’s ‘Africa Shifts’ report. As a partner of the GCCM, MMC conducted field research in 7 African countries for the report.

Panellists will discuss how they are using knowledge and research on climate mobility, and look at concrete examples of how that knowledge is helping ensure that policies and programming are relevant and effective for affected populations, before looking at what more needs to be done. The floor will then be open for a discussion on gaps in knowledge, approaches to producing knowledge, and how to facilitate the transmission of research and knowledge on climate mobility to policy making and programming.