Towards effective solutions (GCM Talk)


Towards effective solutions: addressing the complexities behind the smuggling of migrants

The Workstream “Ensuring migrant protection through strengthened responses to migrant smuggling and increased coordination on its linkages with trafficking in persons” will hold its first GCM Talk to introduce its key objectives and areas of focus, and with a view to encourage participants to share and discuss experiences, practices, gaps and needs to better respond to the smuggling of migrants. In the spirit of GCM Talks, this event will aim at engaging Member States, the United Nations system and stakeholders to continue discussions on how best to implement the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), and, in this stance, particularly GCM objective 9 “Strengthen the transational response to smuggling of migrants”.

Roberto Forin, MMC Deputy Director and Acting Head of MMC Europe, will present during the event on the smuggling of migrants.