Virtual Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2022

Virtual (Zoom)

The impact of the war in Ukraine as well as the socio-economic legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic are being felt profoundly across the world as prices rise, food insecurity grows, and an economic slow-down takes hold. All of these dynamics are impacting upon migration and forced displacement.

The Mixed Migration Review 2022, the Mixed Migration Centre’s flagship annual report, reflects on recent events and emerging trends affecting refugees and migrants globally, attempting to document, analyse, and suggest solutions. Is the “root causes” approach distracting from a rights-based approach? Is migration diplomacy “weaponizing” migration to achieve geopolitical aims? How effective can legal pathways ever hope to be as a solution to irregular migration? To what extent is the continued criminalisation of smuggling a smokescreen for the reduction and deterrence of irregular migration? What ethical issues are posed by the fast-rising use of technology and artificial intelligence in immigration and border control? Are irregular journeys “Kamikaze migration” or rational choices and how do notions of risk taking differ around the world? To what degree is human trafficking going on within mixed migration? How do we assess the response to missing migrants and the forensic investigations that are trying to treat those who perish and their families with dignity?

As always, in addition to the expert essays, the MMR includes interviews with critical thinkers and practitioners in the sector, and new analysis from 4Mi surveys conducted with thousands of refugees and migrants. It documents the best and worst behaviour by authorities in relation to mixed migration in the past year in our annual “normalising (and resisting) the extreme” features, and showcases alternative perspectives from young researchers from the global south.

Join us on 6 December (15:00-17:00 CET) where we will be debating & discussing some of today’s most pressing mixed migration issues globally with experts, journalists and academics. We will have a debate on borders and mixed migration, followed by a panel discussion on two topics: solutions to mixed migration challenges, and mixed migration as a solution to contemporary global challenges. We will end with a Q&A with the audience. We look forward to your participation!

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