COVID-19 and the Global Compact for Migration

Is a Compact born in a crisis born again in the whirlwinds of three global crises?

Born itself out of a crisis—the so-called ‘migration crisis’ of 2015, is this Global Compact for Migration (GCM) actually fit for responding to new crises – the COVID-19 pandemic, plus the economic and protection crises it has generated? What does a less than two-year old global agreement offer against these three sudden globe-shaking crises? Are these being seen as a Compact cemetery, or a proving ground?  Are States and others looking to the GCM before they take action, as a kind of dynamic global positioning system that points the way to practical alternatives and solutions in the three crises? Do they cite the connection of their action(s) to the GCM? Does it really matter if States and other actors cite the Compact as long as their practices match it? But most important to everyone consulted for this report: is the Compact making a difference for people on the ground? How do leaders active in international migration at the front-lines answer these questions? This new MMC discussion paper offers this energy check and validity test on the GCM, just ahead of the Compact’s two-year anniversary at the end of 2020.

Click here to watch the recording of the joint MMC and DRC webinar, where the findings of the COVID-19 and GCM study study were presented, alongside findings of a companion study on COVID-19 and the GCR.


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