COVID-19 Global Thematic Update #4

Impact of COVID-19 on the decision to migrate

This is the fourth in a series of global thematic updates on 4Mi data collected remotely by MMC about the impact of Covid-19 on refugees and migrants travelling along mixed migration routes in Africa, Asia and Latin America. After the initial roll-out of our adapted 4Mi survey focusing on the immediate impact of the pandemic in April, we moved into a new data collection phase in July, further zooming in on the impact of the pandemic on mixed migration. This is the 9th and last global update based on MMC’s global data collection since the pandemic was declared. As such it offers a future outlook towards 2021, focusing on the potential longer-term impact of the pandemic, which is expected mainly to manifest itself through the effect on people’s decision to migrate. This final global thematic update therefore presents data on the extent to which Covid-19 has already been a factor in people’s decision to leave their country of origin. Similar to MMC’s previous global data updates since the start of the pandemic, these thematic reports provide an aggregated overview from regions; more detailed, thematic and response-oriented Covid-19 snapshots are developed in each of the MMC regional offices and available here.


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