4Mi snapshot / infographic


Region: Asia and the Pacific

Supported by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Detention as a protection risk en route to Türkiye

Detention endangers the physical safety and psychological wellbeing of people on the move, blocks access to rights and services, and challenges durable solutions. Afghans without documentation are exposed to a risk of detention en route to Türkiye, including in Iran and Pakistan, as well as in Türkiye. In all three countries, Afghans who do not possess proof of registration as a refugee or an asylum seeker are at an immediate risk of arrest and detention.

This snapshot provides information on where Afghans are reporting the risk of detention en route to Türkiye, and how the exposure to perceived detention risk changes depending on the use of smugglers. This snapshot is based on data collected from 3,160 Afghans across Türkiye between 19 August 2021 and 31 October 2022.


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