Responses to Mixed Migration:

Policies & assistance responses in a fast-changing context

An overview of responses to mixed migration in the Horn of Africa and Yemen, including regional initiatives, the institutional and legal frameworks, and responses from both governments and non-state actors such as international agencies and NGOs.

The phenomenon of mixed migration reflects the tendency of an increasing number of people to migrate, despite greater risk, in search of a better future in more affluent parts of the globalised world. It also indicates that people are on the move for a combination of reasons that are fundamentally related to safeguarding physical and economic security.

Migration is closely linked to security and livelihood problems caused by multiple and often interconnected issues, including persecution, political turmoil, armed conflict, poverty, natural disaster, resource scarcity, climate change and population pressure. In addition, social issues such as forced marriage or negligent parents, as well as more aspirational attractions for many rural youths and emerging ‘cultures of migration’ in certain countries, create compelling push and pull factors affecting the decision to move.


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