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Published by: RMMS Horn of Africa & Yemen

Region: Eastern and Southern Africa

Somalia Country Statement

Addressing Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking in East Africa

This report provides a brief overview of human trafficking and migrant smuggling in Somalia, examining the flows into and out of the country as well as internal flows of persons who are either smuggled or trafficked. The study then assesses the Somali government’s capacity to respond to these phenomena by outlining the legal frameworks currently in place, and the government’s ability to collect, analyse, and share information on migrant smuggling and human trafficking networks.

This report is one of a series of ten country statements covering Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and Yemen, produced as part of the project Addressing Mixed Migration Flows in Eastern Africa. These reports provide an updated overview of migrant smuggling and human tracking trends and dynamics and the modus operandi of criminal networks involved in facilitating irregular migration. The reports also highlight capacity gaps and challenges faced by governments in the region in responding to these phenomena, informing the identification of capacity-building needs in the areas of data collection, analysis and information sharing. The project is managed by Expertise France and is funded by the European Commission in the context of the EU-Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative (the Khartoum Process).


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