Published by: MMC

Region: Global

Supported by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Climate change, environmental stressors, and mixed migration

Insights and key messages drawn from a decade of MMC research and 4Mi data collection

Although most people who migrate do so for a complex combination of reasons, narratives on the links between climate change and migration have too often been overly simplistic and reductive, resulting in unreliable estimates of the numbers of people fleeing climate change.

The Mixed Migration Centre, with its particular expertise and approach and its specialisation on the drivers of migration, has developed a considerable body of knowledge on climate mobility. This paper presents seven key messages on climate change, environmental stressors, and mixed migration, drawn from years of MMC research and 4Mi data collection, in an effort to bridge the conversations taking place in different sectors.

This is the third in a series of state-of-play knowledge papers that address topical mixed migration issues and present key messages drawn from MMC’s research, expert analysis, and 4Mi data. Previous key messages papers are available on human smuggling and drivers and decision-making.


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